Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Fathers Experience of Birth : Part1 & Part2

Introducing... Our new addition...

Alhamdulillah at 2.21pm Friday 16th March 2012, me and Nuown were blessed with the birth or our baby boy - Qays :)

The delivery process was such an amazing experience and i would love to share the experience for dads to be. Ill keep the blogpost as simple as possible.

Part 1 : Water Break 16/3/2012 - 3.30am
Wifey : Sayang... Wake up.. Wake up.. (While she was standing...) I think my water broke.. there's water on my feet, siap meleleh lagi ni..
That moment was ALARMING! I was all over the place kelam kabut! Hehe.. in contrast Nuown was calm and cool she could afford to take a shower. :)

Since the water break was 15 days earlier then the expected birth date (30/3/2012), we were half prepared and luckily we had the Baby Bag ready in the car (Make sure you have it ready and complete!). On my side, i was busy packing the Sony Nex5n, iPods, laptops, Zoom H1 recorder, chargers and other gadgets (next time i promise i will get them ready in the Father's Bag!). - As the consequences of not preparing the Fathers Bag - I left the tripod at home..

 Tqs to Kak for the bag :)

The Sony Nex5n - Super performance under low light. 
This picture was taken nightime with no lights on. We just had some light from the tv.
ISO 3200 + a little editing on highlights and shadows using Chrome Apps - Befunky

By 4.15am, we were ready to go to Columbia Asia Cheras, the hospital where Qays will be born. Hehe, i still got the time to take one picture for the archive but Nuown wasn't really happy as by that time she was anxious to go :)

4.00am : Posing in front of our house

Part 2 : Straight To Labour Room? 16/3/2012 - 4.30am

The journey to the hospital took around 15 minutes (always choose the best + closest hospital to you). It was a slow and steady drive to the hospital but i was happy as i knew that in 15 minutes we will reach it.

After registering at the emergency counter, the nurse took us straight away to the labour room.

What is that machine?

Arriving in the labour room...

The first thing in my mind was ... i'm becoming a father today! Hehe.. but i knew it wasn't going to be a straightforward adventure.

The midwife asked nuown to lay down and she wanted to do a ctg.. A what? Ctg is short for Cardiotocography. And what is that? To be honest, i did not do much research on a ctg - what i did know was that nuown was SUPPOSED to do a ctg tomorrow morning during the next check up.

Well, for those fathers to be, (moms and doctors-correct me if im wrong!) my simple understanding - a ctg is a machine to monitor the heartbeat and contraction timing for your wife.

The CTG Machine
The Cast And Director's Chair :P

Comfortable :)

The ctg took around 30 minutes and finally the midwife came back to check the dilation....

I got really nervous at this moment, for the first time the midwife will check the dilation - I just wanted to hear that there was a dilation. My brain was saying IF there wasn't any dilation, there might be a problem because the water has started to come out... and probably result in doing a c-sect. I kept praying that there would be no major complications and Alhamdulillah she said that there was a 1cm dilation :)

When we attended the antenatal class (if you do your regular checkups at Columbia Asia Cheras - you are entitled to go to their antenatal class for Free :) ), the Dr said if the dilation is 1cm, normally they will ask us to go back. But in nuown's case, since the water break has occurred - they admitted her to the ward.

Mama and baby bump before masuk wad :)

After solat Subuh i prayed to Allah that nuown will have a successful and safe delivery. I keep praying for natural birth and an easy birth but if it goes to c-sect, we will accept the situation. The main focus is for Mama & baby Qays to be safe and healthy throughout and after the process (we had this mindset and every time we prayed we asked for this).

And Alhamdulillah they are both safe and healthy :)

Part 3 : Serious??... Ok! 16/3/2012 - 3.30am

I will continue with part 3 when i have the time to blog but here is something from Part 3:

The birth plan was to have an epidural and natural birth... but... 
Here is a picture of Baby Qays at 3 days old :)

*All pictures were taken using the Sony Nex5N with the 18-55mm lens
*Some pictures were touched up using BeFunky Chrome Apps

Lessons Learnt:
  • Prepare your complete Baby Bag + Your Personal Things + Gadgets!
  • Read read read and research :)
  • Do both of the above at least 4 weeks before the due date! :)
  • Always doa to Allah and be positive.
- Sinan Ismail -

/// I did not finish part 3 - and now my Baby Qays is 3 years old - and im soon to get Baby M inshaAllah this month *4 April 2015 -


  1. Haha told nuown bojed was sehelai sepinggang coz i had to be admitted on the spot at 38weeks.he didnt pack his bag assuming twas still early to do so.n so bojed terpaksa beli baju kt kedai sebelah haha camera satu ape pun xde.

  2. Haha.. Tu la nuown ada ckp dkt aku :P tqs for the early tips!