Monday, April 6, 2015

His Name is Ryan Giggs

Hie everyone,
I'm on the flight back from Rome back to Kuala Lumpur via Emirates now. Yes. Now! Emirates now has Onboard WiFi :) Which is really cool.
You do need to pay though - 1usd for the first 500mb and then the additional 1usd for next 100mbs. Isn't that a great deal! To pay for wifi in a coffee shop would at least cost you a cup of coffee which is at least 3usd! (and 500mb is definitely enough for some simple WhatsApp and Facebook browsing). What's more important is, your connected with your family and friends.
Ok. Back to my original story. I love football, I love Man United. The in flight entertainment had a documentary titled. Life of Ryan... Caretaker Manager.
The documentary shows the brief 3 weeks when Giggs was the caretaker/manager of the club last season. It showed his reaction, how he handled the job, how he felt, his philosophy, behind the scenes at the press conferences.. And many more insider insights.
My favourite part was probably when he said "I've been through this tunnel hundreds of times, but I haven't felt as nervous as this" he was referring to the first home game as manager and the visuals were showing him walking out of the Old Trafford tunnel with fans chanting his name. Its was really emotional.
Its a really really interesting documentary to watch. How they ended the it was also very emotional. Talking bout the famous Arsenal 99 FA Cup semifinal goal.. Then Giggs finally confessed he was in tears in his car after the last game......
24 Seasons
963 Appearances
13 Premier League Titles
2 European Cups
4 FA Cups
3 League Cups
The most decorated player in the Premier League. Hopefully he learns his trade with LVG and manages United one day. GGMU!
Thank you Giggs!

Edit * I just found the full video on YouTube !!! :D You can watch it here:

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